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Common name: Cymoxanil
Chemical name: 2-Cyano-N[ethylamino]-2-(methylcyano-amino)acetamide
Molecular Formula: C7H10N4O3
Molecular weight: 198.2
Chemical structure:
Registration certificate No. of Cymoxanil Tech: PD20080484
Registration certificate No. of Cymoxanil-mancozeb 72%WP: PD20081574
Properties: Melting point: 160℃-162℃ Solubility: Water: 890mg/l(pH5, 20℃),
Acetone: 62.4, Methanol: 22.9, Hexane: 1.85, Toluene: 5.3, Acetonitrile: 57, Ethyl acetate: 28.
Bulk density: 250-350g/l
Formulation: Cymoxanil+mancozeb 72%WP
Application: used in preventing economic crops from diseases caused by germs, It can mixed with other fungicides and pesticides.
Specification for Cymoxanil Tech:

Item Index
Active ingredient, %≥ 97%
Moisture, %≤ 2.0
PH range 6.0-7.5

Specification for Cymoxanil+mancozeb 72%WP:

Item Index
Mancozeb Active ingredient, %≥ 64.0
Cymoxanil Active ingredient, %≥ 8.0
Mancozeb suspension, %≥ 80.0
Moisture, %≤ 2.0
PH range 6-9
Wettability secs 60 seconds
Fineness(325 mesh), %≥ 98

Packing: In 25kgs woven plastic bag or small package according to buyer's requirement.

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